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Hermes Juno is committed to the safe Transmission, Transportation and distribution of our products. We achieve this through reliable logistics partners and the adherence to high standards in all aspects of our distribution system to ensure that products are moved and handled safely and securely. As a result, our products safely cross states, countries, continents and oceans as they travel to market by pipeline, truck, rail, barge, vessel and air. Our commitment begins well before the first commercial shipment of a new product, or shipment of a product to a new customer, through a critical evaluation of chemical logistics risks. This is accomplished using risk-based models and strict adherence to industry standards that help us to minimize harm to the environment, sensitive areas and nearby communities. The commercial carriers and distributors we use to transport or store our products are scrutinized prior to use to ensure that they are in compliance with all regulations and are appropriately certified to handle our products.

At the manufacturing site level, workers who have a role in chemical distribution receive training on how to handle, label and package our products. Care is taken to assure that materials are shipped in the appropriate packaging and containers, and inspection procedures are established for all shipments.

Our manufacturing site employees participate in emergency response planning organizations locally and nationally and teams of employees are trained to respond to transportation incidents and provide technical guidance and on-site assistance.




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